Rock and Roller coffee culture is born in Cape Town in 2012, from years of experience and dedication to great specialty coffee as well as the need to inspire new and old cafes’ to constantly strive to serve a great cup, With great passion and commitment, by early winter 2014, Rock and Roller gives rise to a new “Coffee Culture”. Offering its single origins and high end specialty blends, making it available to the Cape Town coffee world.
Who is Dr G ?

Dr G's love for coffee...

….has humble beginnings.

working as a waiter in the mid 90’s, it began with appreciating different Coffees, always being freely available in the restaurant and café’s industry. developing skills in articulating different flavours and texture as from wines, cognacs and even cigars, it became a base for evaluating coffee.

Understanding the delicate marriage of equipment and coffee, spending many years training baristas and operating cutting edge coffee bars, Evolving into the roasting sector of coffee,

Spent several months in 2010, in the UK getting a roasting apprenticeship, with numerous awards as a trainer as well as barista of course, “South African runner up 2009, 2nd runner up 2010 & 2013, Western Cape Barista Champ 2013 & 2015, as well as one  of 8 international roasters to receive a personal invitation from the “World Coffee Events”, to compete at the “ 2012 World Roasting Competition”, with less experience than now, yet finishing 6th overall at the World Champ.

In 2014 Dr.G. was further called up by SCASA ( Speciality Coffee Association of South Africa ) to head up the Cup Tasters Championship nationally, and provide the guidance and special roasts necessary for the success and recognition of the championship internationally. Now focusing on growing the brand and getting as many new members and clients on board the R’n R coffee culture revolution .

Don’t hesitate to make contact with Dr.G for any coffee related query you may have,
he’ll be more than happy to assist .