R&R corporate coffee solutions
Rock and Roller has many corporate solutions, suitable for large office space as well as general purpose areas. Although our favorite projects are setting up real coffee bar coffee stations right in the heart of the office space, it generates a great vibe and adds to the energy of the office space. Case studies show that staff are often more productive when taken short coffee breaks as well as quick breaks rather than being too focused for too long and taking a long lunch break. You would be surprised at how inexpensive your “Office -coffee bar” could actually be, and well worth keeping your staff awake!

Please call us for all your Corporate and Office requirements. Free-on-loan equipment for freshly brewed filter coffee as well as wholesale prices for Commercial Espresso equipment. Free barista training for any coffee set-up and supply contract.
R&R Hotel coffee Services
We have over 17 years’ experience in the coffee industry and hotel and catering industry. At Rock & Roller we are able to offer top-end specialty coffees at Ho.Re.Ca. wholesale prices. This allows Hotels and Big groups to now benefit in specialty coffee, an area where they have most lacked in the past year, Prices are competitive and services complete.

Please call us to set up a preliminary meeting for requirements and basic services package.
R&R Services  
Over and above our listed coffee and equipment products , an array of services are offered by Rock and Roller Coffee Culture – Should you not find what you are looking for listed here below, please make contact with us via any means preferred, and we will assist with your query directly.
  • Profile and personalized coffees and blends.
  • Special packaging and branded products.
  • Complete coffee solutions – equipment /consulting /barista training and coffee station management and bar traffic
  • A to Z of coffee bar start up!
  • In all contract agreements ( minimum 12 months) all consulting and assistance is included in the coffee supplies offered package -
Specialized barista training as listed above, but offered as a separate service for those coffee shops already trading and tied up into contracts, but requiring barista skills and quality in the cup. [Click here for more details]

On-site barista evaluation and assessments – with full reports and suggestions for problem areas and “how-to-fix “ problem areas in any coffee bar or restaurant or corporate environment - Services and general minor replacements are included in our coffee-contract-package deal, we look after your equipment for you!

Contract roasting is available and competitively priced with guaranteed quality and consistency .

General roasters consulting is available too. Please contact us for any assistance you may require with green beans sourcing /roasting /blending or general roasters set-up and training to get the best out of your roaster .

Mobile coffee units are available on request, inexpensive to purchase or hire, please enquire for availability and pricing. We also offer a special coffee pairing service for your events, contact us for more information.
R&R technical
All our equipment is guaranteed for one year and professional installation and set-up is included.
As well as our own in-house technical support, we have over 5 listed companies as service providers country wide.
Minor services and general wear & tear spare part replacements are included in our coffee contract package deal.